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Idealease Lease & Rental Services are located at all Hawkeye Locations: Cedar Rapids, Davenport, Decorah, Dubuque, Sterling, & Waterloo!


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Welcome to Thompson Idealease

Idealease Rental Services include the following:

Many companies offer transportation services, but only Idealease is able to offer a full spectrum of transportation services throughout North America. Whether your company is interested in – full service leasing, commercial rental, contract maintenance, or logistic services– Idealease can customize a program that meets all of your transportation requirements.


Today’s competitive business environment requires close working partnerships between suppliers and customers. Idealease has built its reputation in the transportation industry by helping our customers make cost effective transportation decisions. Our goal is to play an important role in increasing our customers’ profitability and efficiency.


Since 1982, Idealease has steadily grown into one of North America’s most respected transportation companies. Today, Idealease provides a full spectrum of transportation services. Our service portfolio includes truck leasing, contract maintenance, commercial rental and logistics services. In addition, Idealease provides value-added services such as fuel tax reporting, safety and compliance training, 24-hour roadside assistance, and a variety of purchasing programs. Our extensive North American coverage includes over 400 locations in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Our customers range from small, local businesses to many of North America’s largest companies. Both local and national customers benefit from more than $400 million in parts inventory, state of the art technology, and unsurpassed expertise in vehicle spec’ing and maintenance. The Idealease Advantage is evident in our numbers. Idealease services over 45,000 trucks, tractors and trailers throughout the continent.


The Idealease Story is a story of growth and success. Our corporate philosophy is simple. Our customers are our business partners, and Idealease is dedicated to helping them manage transportation in the most cost effective manner possible.


Full Service Leasing

Leasing is the vehicle acquisition method of choice for the majority of private carriers. Outsourcing some or all distribution functions allows companies to focus more closely on their core competencies. Leasing also allows our customers to conserve valuable capital and address specific balance sheet and tax issues.


Our customers choose from a variety of services that we can include as part of the full service lease. In addition to providing equipment and maintenance, the Idealease Full Service Lease can include fuel tax reporting, vehicle washing, licensing services, registration fees, fuel purchasing, and numerous other value-added services.


Also included with every Idealease Full Service Lease is membership in Idealsafe and Idealnet. Idealsafe, our nationally recognized safety and compliance program, serves as your safety and compliance consultant and supplies periodic training to your drivers and management. Idealnet, our 24/7 Breakdown Service, insures that your vehicles and drivers are only a phone call away from expert support and breakdown assistance.


Idealease Maintenance

For our customers who choose to own their equipment, Idealease provides contract maintenance services. By utilizing the Idealease Contract Maintenance program, customers pass all maintenance responsibilities to industry experts. Idealease schedules maintenance intervals, tracks repair history, and performs all normal maintenance for the length of the contract.


All maintenance is performed at Idealease Priority Service locations. Priority Service insures that customers never have to wait in line for repairs. Idealease customers are guided to special bays as soon as they reach our service facilities. By eliminating costly downtime normally associated with repair facilities,


Idealease customers benefit where it counts…on the bottom line. Another popular benefit of contract maintenance is its consistent billing structure. Customer costs are fixed from month to month, allowing operations personnel the ability to accurately forecast maintenance expense far into the future.


Just like the Idealease full service lease, contract maintenance coverage can include some or all of the value added services offered by Idealease.


Idealease Rental

When companies need additional vehicles to handle peaks in demand, or when replacement vehicles are needed, Idealease Rental is a valuable service.


For customers with multiple locations in North America, Idealease also offers the Idealease North American Rental program, which standardizes rates and facilitates the acquisition of rental equipment throughout North America.


Rental terms are designed to meet the needs of our customers. Vehicles can be rented for one day, or for months at a time. Our rental fleet allows customers the ability to better manage increases in demand, emergency situations, and repair schedules.